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What exactly happens to the fat cells?

Although we do not understand completely all the steps that lead to fat destruction as a result of cooling, we do know that the exposure to cooling causes a localized inflammatory response in the fat cells (called Panniculitis) within the treated area, which in turn will damage the fat cells by rupturing them, thereby releasing their contents (fat by-products). These contents are then naturally flushed away from your body, via its own mechanisms, in the ensuing two months. This of course ultimately leads to a gradual reduction of the thickness of the fat layer which in turn reduces the visible bulges within two to four months. There is also no evidence that the procedure has any adverse effects on levels of liver enzymes or blood fats (such as cholesterol). Moreover, as the number of fat cells in our body is fixed after our birth, new fat cells will not be reproduced and therefore there is no chance of these fat cells returning. However you must understand that existing fat cells left behind can compensate and increase in size if your diet needs are excessive and therefore eat more calories than you burn! So a sensible lifestyle, which includes exercise and a healthy diet, is mandatory after any such treatment if you want to maintain the effects.

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