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Hair Solution

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Hair loss is common in both men and women, medically known as ALOPECIA. CAUSES of hair loss- Hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition (male pattern baldness) Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, severe stress, allergic reactions, major surgery. Pregnancy, skin disorders, bacterial/fungal infections, dandruff, drugs, Medicines, Hair styling products, tight ponytail etc.


Depending on type and cause of hair loss THE GLOW offers holistic solution customized to your unique needs. It includes- Hormonal imbalance correction, diet counselling, treating the infection, nutritional supplements. Mesotherapy is a Specific therapy for hair loss where STEM CELLS and neutraceuticals are directly injected with special fine needles into hair roots. It is suitable for both Male and Female. It can give result in as low as one sitting. Treatment may extend upto 15 sittings depending on hair loss and its cause.

Permanent Hair Reduction

How many times have you wished you no longer had to shave, pluck or wax unwanted hair? And have you ever worried about the pain and side – effects of the procedure? The glow offers most advanced state of the art procedure- PAIN FREE –HAIR FREE laser technology. The proof is no medication or pre-treatments (anesthetic) is required. It gently heats targeted hair follicles with gentle pulses of laser energy, while you stay comfortable. Recovery free, so you can return to normal activities immediately. Perfect for any area of the body-including more sensitive areas like the face, neck, under arms, legs, arms, bikini line, back and stomach. Feels like hot stone massage.